dragon ball legends

There is great news for all the dragon ball game fanatics as the new mobile game version of it is available now and it can also be played through pc. The dragon ball game is developed by the Bandai Namco which features the original Pvt combat. There are lots of interesting elements in this game to explore. Players have many options to choose their favourite game character. They can make their favourite game character even stronger by combating strongly in the game. In case if you want to change any other settings such in the dragon balls game when you’re playing it in the pc then you can read this article. In PC use use dragon ball glitch to get more chrono crystals and rank up faster.

You can also find some easy way to change the screen setting, game characters and other crucial settings in this game. Here you can find the step by step instructions to change and modify the dragon ball game settings if you are playing it on pc.

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wwe super card free credit

WWE Super Card is one of the most famous video game for IOS and android. It Introduce in 2014 and developed by Cat Daddy Games. The WWE Super Card game has several game modes, like, Wild, King of the Ring, Road to Glory, People’s Champion Challenge, Ring Domination, Elimination Chamber, Last Man Standing etc. And also there are so many modes are coming in future.

The WWE Super card is always demanded by the gamers. So here is some tips and tricks how you can get free WWE Super Card

1. By playing battles you will awarded with draft picks. Please note the different drafts are awarded to the different section of players. For instance losers are awarded with two drafts and winners are awarded with two. In addition, the video game also contains super card labelled as common and uncommon, which can be obtained if the player is lucky.

2. You are given an option of watching an ad-based video after completion of each battle. You will also get the very rare cards.

3. Combination of card, is a strong option in this game. With the help of combining two or more existing card, a player can develop a strong card using the option of fusion.

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If Shenmue II on Xbox is not necessarily among the most anticipated games, since we played there last year on Dreamcast, it is quite different on the other side of the Atlantic.

Indeed, the game was never released on the console of Sega in the United States, since Microsoft has reserved the American exclusivity on this game for its own console.

We understand better why the title is put forward during the various Xbox events in the United States. Here are 16 new images released during the recent X02 conference.

How again do not fall under the devastating charm of Steel Battalion ? Capcom is putting the finishing touches to the task, lighten the bolts and fine-tune the settings before the release scheduled for September 5 in Japan, and for the end of the year in the Westscreens, broadcast on the occasion of the conference X02 Microsoft , show once again the care taken in the cockpit of the giant metal. Dazzling. Read More