Sony Corporation broke into the limelight with its famous play station games. To support the players, Sony created the PSN.

For all new users, the full form of PSN is PlayStation Network. sony had initially created this network to support its PS3 game Console. Also check how to get free psn codes

However, since PlayStation has been updated to PS4, the play station network has expanded its service to cover PS4 as well.

There are free as well as paid subscriptions to this service. The easiest method to create a PSN account is by using a computer.

Signing up directly on the main website is considered safer especially if there are children at home.

The following simple steps need to be followed

  1. On the Sony Entertainment Network Page, select the option, “ Create a new account”
  2. Personal details date of birth, location and more importantly email address and a
    password details need to be entered
  3. Check if details entered are correct and then tick the I agree button
  4. Immediately you will be receiving an email from Sony. From the details given in the
    email, the user needs to verify the email address from the link provided.
  5. After that “continue” and then “Update Account” button to be pressed.
  6. Choose an Online ID and click continue on rest of the consecutive screens which appear
  7. Lastly, the Finish button will appear and there will be a message on the Screen setting
    that your PSN account is ready.

Another way to create a PSN account from a PS3 console is:

  1. From the menu, select the Open PlayStation Network
  2. Sign-up Option to be selected
  3. Select create new account
  4. Next step is to press continue, then enter details such as country, date of birth, language
    etc. and then again press continue and lastly press Accept
  5. Fill in your email id address and new password for thee PSN Account. Then press
    continue for all the succeeding prompts and then press confirm button.
  6. Immediately an email From Sony will be received and mentioned in it will be a
    verification link. Click on that link , choose Ok
  7. The last step is to click on the Proceed to play station store button and you can then login
    as per your new account.

A separate Identification is needed as per the individual user. This is required by the PlayStation Network.

So the PSN ID becomes a special or unique name which is displayed publicly for your Sony Entertainment network Account.

That means in other words, if you are playing any games online, other players or users will see your PSN ID. So they will come too know when you are playing online and also about the trophies that you are looking up.

However, this matter can be addressed a little by means of your privacy settings. By registering or creating a PSN account you can get many benefits. As an added benefit, PSN also has a Play Station Store wherein online games and video are sold.

Here the purchases can be made through credit cards. Not just that HD Movies, Music and Shows can be downloaded. In addition, there is facility to connect your TV or home audio/video devices to your Play station systems. So enjoy the PSN account totally.

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