How to get free WWE super card credits

wwe super card free credit

WWE Super Card is one of the most famous video game for IOS and android. It Introduce in 2014 and developed by Cat Daddy Games. The WWE Super Card game has several game modes, like, Wild, King of the Ring, Road to Glory, People’s Champion Challenge, Ring Domination, Elimination Chamber, Last Man Standing etc. And also there are so many modes are coming in future.

The WWE Super card is always demanded by the gamers. So here is some tips and tricks how you can get free WWE Super Card

1. By playing battles you will awarded with draft picks. Please note the different drafts are awarded to the different section of players. For instance losers are awarded with two drafts and winners are awarded with two. In addition, the video game also contains super card labelled as common and uncommon, which can be obtained if the player is lucky.

2. You are given an option of watching an ad-based video after completion of each battle. You will also get the very rare cards.

3. Combination of card, is a strong option in this game. With the help of combining two or more existing card, a player can develop a strong card using the option of fusion.

4. The winner will get the unique card.  The video game comes with stunning graphics and gameplay. In addition, a unique card is provided to a player who comes victorious in multiplayer mode.

5. Every superstar has their four different abilities, which are Power, Toughness, Speed, and Charisma. For instance, based on these abilities, a player’s winning or losing status is determine. If the player comes out victorious from a battle, then the player is rewarded with a super card.

6.  The video game is known to feature a large collection of wwe supercards. With the help of these cards, players are able to find characters like Million dollar man, and Andre the giant, undertaker and Triple H.

7. Every card has a class division based on their characteristics. The classes are basically uncommon, rare, very rare, and epic and so on.  The epic is most advanced version and common is the most basic version.

8. This video gives you the ability to improvise and upgrade your playable superstar according to your convenience. You can upgrade for the vital characters which will influences outcome of the battles. By using the super card you can upgrade your superstars, so your playable superstars are stronger.

9. When a player reaches a certain level in the game,   the games starts to get more and more interesting. Please note when a certain stage is reached, the battle modes gets unlocked. As soon as the player keeps winning battles against opponents, the player is awarded with cool wwe cards.

10. This game provides you with a friendly mode option, which gives you the ability challenge your friends, in a friendly match.  In addition various options are provided, where you will have the access to use special powers of the WWE superstar.

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