If Shenmue II on Xbox is not necessarily among the most anticipated games, since we played there last year on Dreamcast, it is quite different on the other side of the Atlantic.

Indeed, the game was never released on the console of Sega in the United States, since Microsoft has reserved the American exclusivity on this game for its own console.

We understand better why the title is put forward during the various Xbox events in the United States. Here are 16 new images released during the recent X02 conference.

How again do not fall under the devastating charm of Steel Battalion ? Capcom is putting the finishing touches to the task, lighten the bolts and fine-tune the settings before the release scheduled for September 5 in Japan, and for the end of the year in the Westscreens, broadcast on the occasion of the conference X02 Microsoft , show once again the care taken in the cockpit of the giant metal. Dazzling.

According to the Japanese magazine V-Jump, which has previously unveiled a lot of news about the series, Squaresoft is currently working on the remake of Final Fantasy III for Game Boy Advance. If this information proves, we will finally know why the long-awaited WonderSwan Color version has never been released in Japan, despite the expectations of the players.

Unlike the other two NES components of the series, Final Fantasy III has never had the slightest return on any machine whatsoever. It is therefore highly anticipated by fans of the FF saga .

No release date has been suggested by the magazine for this Game Boy Advance version.

The fight for the best NBA basketball title will be tight this year. On the left, NBA 2K3 , new part of the series of Sega Sports – Visual Concepts , which has a nickel visual and remains for the moment indestrĂ´nable in the physical management of the players (game back to the basket, management of the contacts).

On the right, NBA Live 2003 , which focuses primarily on the show and a basketball tradition that dates all the same since 1994, not counting the very first games of the early 90s ( Lakers Vs. Celtics , Bulls Vs. Lakerson Megadrive).


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